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Selected Contemporary Discography

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Phil Ochs : Pleasures of the harbor, A&M SP-4133 (1967)   Dave Van Ronk : Folksinger, Prestige Folklore 14012 (1963)   The Folk Box, EKL-Box (1964)

All listings are vinyl.

Artist Title Release Date

Newport Folk Festival
Newport Folk Festival, 1960 : recorded on location, June 24/26 Vanguard VRS 9083/4* 1961
Newport Folk Festival, 1960 Elektra EKS 7189 1960
Newport Folk Festival, 1963 : Blues at Newport Vanguard VSD 79145 1964
Newport Folk Festival, 1963 : The evening concerts , v. 1 Vanguard VSD 79148 1964
Newport Folk Festival, 1963 : Newport Broadside, topical songs at the Newport Folk Festival, 1963 Vanguard VSD 79144 1964
Newport Folk Festival, 1964 : Evening concerts, v. 1 Vanguard VSD 79184 1965
Newport Folk Festival, 1964 : Evening concert, v. 2 Vanguard VSD 79185 1965
Newport Folk Festival, 1964 : Evening concerts, v. 3 Vanguard VRS 9186* 1965
Newport Folk Festival, 1964 : Traditional music at Newport, part 1 Vanguard VRS 9182* 1965
Newport Folk Festival, 1965 : Festival Vanguard VRS 9225* 1967

Miscellaneous Folk
New folks (Greenbriar Boys, Hedy West, Jackie Washington, David Gude) Vanguard VRS 9096* 1961
New folks, v. 2 (Phil Ochs, Eric Andersen, Lisa Kindred, Bob Jones) Vanguard VRS 9140 * 1964
The sound of folk music Vanguard SRV 125 *
The sound of folk music, v. 2 Vanguard SRV 140SD

Elektra : new folk sampler (yellow logo cover) Elektra SMP 2* 1956
Elektra folk festival : a sampler record (reissue) Elektra SMP 2 * 1956
Elektra folk `n' jazz sampler Elektra SMP 3* 1957
Elektra folk sampler 5 Elektra SMP 5 * 195?
String Band Project Elektra EKL 292 * 1965
The blues project : a compendium of the very best on the urban blues scene Elektra EKL 264 * 1964
Folk banjo styles (Eric Weissberg, Tom Paley, Art Rosenbaum, Marshall Brickman) Elektra EKL 7217* 1962
Old time banjo project (John Cohen, Bob Siggins, Hank Schwartz) Elektra EKS-7276 1964
The original hootenanny, v. 2 : Gibson & Camp, Limelighters, Bikel, et al. Crestview (Div of Elektra) CRS 7807
Folksong '65 : Elektra 15th anniversary commemorative album (Tom Rush, Judy Collins, Phil Ochs, Tom Paxton, et al.) Elektra S 78 1965
The Folk Box Elektra EKL-Box* 1964
Bleecker and MacDougal Elektra 60381-1-v 1984

Hootenanny : Pete Seeger, Jack Elliott, Mike Seeger, Bonnie Dobson, Keith & Rooney Prestige Folklore FL-14020*
Folklore jamboree (Van Ronk, Dobson, Elliott, Muldaur, Von Schmidt, Rush, Seeger et al.) Prestige Folklore FL-14023*
Take a trip with me : Psychedelic Hits (Hopkins, Van Ronk, Rush, Von Schmidt, Holy Modal Rounders Prestige PR 7539

Shivaree! (Jean Ritchie, Oscar Brand, Tom Paley, Harry & Jeanie West) Esoteric Records ES 538 1955
The soil and the Sea (Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Lee Hays, Peter Hawes) Comodore Classics/Mainstr s/6005
The folk singers of Washington Square (Langhorne, Bull, Bird, English, Scott, etc.) Continental CLP 4010 1961
Save the Children : Songs from the hearts of women (Baez, Fariña, Sainte-Marie) Women Strike For Peace W001 1967
Bread and Roses - festival of acoustic music (Hicks, McDonald, Sainte-Marie, Baez) Fantasy F-79009 1979
Bread and Roses - The Bread and Roses Festival of Music (Axton, Baez, Hammond, Roches, Siebel) Fantasy F-79011 1980

Folk Alphabetical
Ackles, David The road To Cairo Elektra EKS-74022 1968
Ackles, David Subway to the country Elektra EKS-74060 1970
Ackles, David American gothic Elektra EKS-75032 1972
Alevizos, Theodore Greek folk songs Prestige International INT 13024*
Andersen, Eric Today is the highway Vanguard VRS-9157* 1965
Andersen, Eric `bout changes & things Vanguard VSD-79206 1966
Andersen, Eric `bout changes & things : take 2 Vanguard VSD-79236 1967
Andersen, Eric A country dream Vanguard VSD-6540 1970
Andersen, Eric Eric Anderson Warner Brothers W1806
Andersen, Eric Blue River Columbia PC-31062 1972
Andersen, Eric Be true to you Arista AL4033 1975
Andersen, Eric Sweet surprise Arista AL 4075 1976
Arnoldi, Paul One note man (notes by Richard Fariña) Kapp KL 1478*
Baez, Joan The best of Joan Baez (w/ Ted Alevizos & Bill Wood) Squire Records SQ 33001(Reprint)
Baez, Joan Very early Joan Vanguard VSD 79446/7 (2LP) 1982
Baez, Joan Joan Baez Vanguard VRS 9078* 1960
Baez, Joan Joan Baez : v. 2 Vanguard VSD 2097 1961
Baez, Joan Joan Baez 5 Vanguard VRS 9160* 1965
Baez, Joan Farewell Angelina Vanguard VSD 79200 1966
Baez, Joan Farewell Angelina (2nd copy gold label), laminated cover Vanguard VSD 79200 1965
Baez, Joan Noel Vanguard VSD 79230 1966
Baez, Joan Joan Vanguard VSD 79240 1967
Baez, Joan The first 10 years Vanguard VSD 6570/1 (2 LP) 1970
Baez, Joan The Joan Baez ballad book Vanguard VSD 41/42 (2LP) 1972
Baez, Joan The contemporary ballad book Vanguard VSD 49/50 (2 LP) 1974
Beers Family Dumbarton's drums : more folks songs from … Columbia CS 9472
Bibb, Leon Tol' my captain : sings chain gang and work songs Vanguard VRS 9058* 1960
Bikel, Theodore Sings songs of Israel Elektra EKL 132* 1955
Bikel, Theodore Sings more Jewish folk songs Elektra EKS 7165 195?
Bikel, Theodore A folksinger's choice Elektra EKL 250* 1964
Bikel, Theodore A new day Reprise 6348 1969
Blue, David Stories Asylum SD 5052 1971
Blue, David Nice baby and the Angel Asylum 5066 1973
Blue, David Com'n back for more Asylum 7E-1043 1975
Brand, Oscar Bawdy songs and back room ballads, v. 2 Audio Fidelity AFLP 1806
Brand, Oscar Laughing America Tradition Records TLP 1014*
Brand, Oscar Songs For golfers (w/ His Sand Trappers) Elektra EKL 237* 1963
Buckley, Tim Goodbye and hello Elektra EKS-74028 1967
Bull, Sandy Fantasias for guitar and banjo Vanguard VRS 9119* 1963
Butterfield Blues Band, Paul The Paul Butterfield Blues Band Elektra EKL 294* 1965
Butterfield Blues Band, Paul The resurrection of Pigboy Crabshaw Elektra EKS-74015
Butterfield, Paul Better days Better days Bearsville BR 2119 1973
Cahn, Rolf California folk concert with Rolf Cahn Folkways FA 2416*
Cahn, Rolf Rolf Cahn with Eric Von Schmidt Folkways FA 2417*
Campbell Folk Group, Ian The rights of man Elektra EKS 7309 1966
Carawan, Guy The Best of Guy Carawan Prestige International 13013*
Chandler, Len The Lovin' people Columbia CL 2753*/CS 9553
Charles River Valley Boys Bluegrass and old timey music Prestige Folklore 14017 1962
Charles River Valley Boys Beatle country Elektra EKL 4006* 1966
Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem The rising of the moon : Irish songs of rebellion Tradition TLP1006
Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem A spontaneous performance record (w/Seeger & Langhorne) Columbia CS 8448
Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem Hearty and hellish Columbia CL 1771 1962
Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem The first hurrah Columbia CL 2165/CS 8965
Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem Isn't it grand boys Columbia CL 2477/CS 9277
Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem Sing of the Sea Columbia CS 9658
Clayton, Paul Foc'sle songs and shanties Folkways FA 2429 1959
Clayton, Paul Dulcimer songs and solos Folkways FG 3571 1962
Clayton, Paul Bobby Burns' merry muses of Caledonia Elektra EKL 155* 1958
Cohen, Leonard Songs of Leonard Cohen Columbia CL 2733/CS 9533 1968
Cohen, Leonard Songs of Love and Hate Columbia C 30103 1970
Cohen, Leonard Live songs Columbia KC 31724 1973
Cohen, Leonard New skin for the old ceremony Columbia C33167 1974
Cohen, Leonard Various positions Passport Records PB 6045 1985
Collins, Judy Maid of constant sorrow Elektra EKL-209* 1962
Collins, Judy Golden apples of the sun Elektra EKL-222* 1962
Collins, Judy Judy Collins #3 Elektra EKS-7243 1964
Collins, Judy Judy Collins concert Elektra EKS-7280 1964
Collins, Judy Judy Collins' fifth album (notes by Richard Fariña) Elektra EKL-300* 1965
Collins, Judy In my life Elektra EKL-320* 1967
Collins, Judy Living Elektra EKS-75014 1971
Corrie Folk Trio The Corrie Folk Trio with Paddie Bell Elektra EKL-291* 1964
Dalton, Karen In my own time (notes by Fred Neil) Paramount Records PAS-6008(promo)
Davis, Gary Ragtime Guitar Transatlantic (UK) TRA-244
Davrath, Netania Sings folk songs of Russia Vanguard VRS-9065* 1960
Dobson, Bonnie At Folk City Prestige International 13057 *
Dobson, Bonnie For the Love of Him Mercury MG-20987*
Dr. West's Medicine Show and Junk Band Dr. West's Medicine Show and Junk Band w/ Norman Greenbaum (reissue) Gregar GG-101
Guthrie, Woody Tribute to Woody Guthrie (w/Dylan, Baez, et al.) Warner Brothers 2W-3007 1972
Dylan, Bob Bob Dylan Columbia CL-1779/CS-8579
Dylan, Bob The freewheelin' Bob Dylan Columbia CL-1986*/CS-8786
Dylan, Bob The times they are a-changin' Columbia CL-2105*/CS-8905
Dylan, Bob Another side of Bob Dylan Columbia CL-2193*/CS-8993 1964
Dylan, Bob Bringing it all back home Columbia CL-2328*/CS-9128 1965
Dylan, Bob Highway 61 revisited Columbia CL-2389*/CS-9189 1965
Dylan, Bob Blonde on blonde Columbia C2l 41*/C2S841 1966
Dylan, Bob Greatest hits Columbia CL-2663 */CS-9463 1966
Dylan, Bob John Wesley Harding Columbia CL-2804*/CS-9604 1968
Dylan, Bob Nashville skyline Columbia CS-9825 1969
Dylan, Bob Self portrait Columbia C2X30050 1970
Dylan, Bob New morning Columbia KC30290 1970
Dylan, Bob Greatest hits, v. 2 Columbia PG31120 1971
Dylan, Bob Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid Columbia KC-32460 1973
Dylan, Bob Dylan Columbia PC-32747 1973
Dylan, Bob Planet waves Asylum 7E-1003 1974
Dylan, Bob Before the flood (w/ The Band) Asylum AB-201 1974
Dylan, Bob The basement tapes Columbia C2-33682 1975
Dylan, Bob Desire Columbia PC-33893 1975
Dylan, Bob Hard rain Columbia PC-34349 1976
Dylan, Bob Street legal Columbia JC-35453 1978
Dylan, Bob At Budokan Columbia PC2-36067 1978
Dylan, Bob Slow train coming Columbia FC-36120 1979
Dylan, Bob Saved Columbia FC-36553 1980
Dylan, Bob Shot of love Columbia TC-37496 1981
Dylan, Bob Real live Columbia FC-39944 1984
Dylan, Bob Under the red sky Columbia C-46794 1990
Dyer-Bennett, Richard Twentieth century minstrel : folk songs and ballads Decca DL 9102*
Elliot, Ramblin' Jack Young Brigham Reprise R-6284*/RS-6284 1968
Engleberg, Fred The Songs of Fred Engleberg Elektra EKL-247* 1963
Even Dozen Jug Band The Even Dozen Jug Band Elektra EKL-246* 1963
Even Dozen Jug Band Jug band music & rags of the South Everest Records FS-339(reissue)
Fariña, Dick, et al. Singer songwriter project (w/Sky, Murdoch, Cohen) Elektra EKL-299*/EKS-7299 1965
Fariña, Dick & Eric von Schmidt Dick Fariña & Eric von Schmidt (w/ B. Dylan as Blind Boy Grunt) Folklore Records(UK) F-LEUT/7* 1963
Fariña, Mimi Solo Philo/Rounder 1102 1985
Fariña, Mimi & Tom Jans Take heart A&M SP-4310 1971
Jans, Tom The eyes of an only child Columbia PC-33699 1975
Jans, Tom Dark blonde Columbia PC34292 1976
Fariña, Richard & Mimi Celebrations for a grey day Vanguard VRS-9174*/VSD-79174 1965
Fariña, Richard & Mimi Reflections in a crystal wind Vanguard VRS-9204*/VSD-79204 1965
Fariña, Richard & Mimi Memories Vanguard VSD-79263 1968
Freedom Singers Freedom Singers Mercury MG-20879*/SR-60879 1963
Freedom Singers Sing of freedom now! Mercury MG-20924*/SR-60924 1964
Gibson, Bob Ski songs sung by Bob Gibson (w/Russ Savakus) Elektra EKL-177*/EKS-7177 1959
Gibson, Bob & Hamilton Camp At the Gate of Horn Elektra EKL-207* 1961
Gillette, Steve Steve Gillette (w/ Bruce Langhorne) Vanguard VRS-9251*/VSD-79251 1967
Gillette, Steve A little warmth (prod. By G. Nash) Regency Records (Flying F REG-79002 1979
Greenbriar Boys Dian & the Greenbriar Boys Elektra EKL-233*/EKS-7233 1963
The Greenbriar Boys The Greenbriar Boys Vanguard VRS-9104*/VSD-79104 1961
The Greenbriar Boys Ragged but right Vanguard VRS-9159*/VSD-79159 1964
The Greenbriar Boys Better late than never (w/ Russ Savakus) Vanguard VRS-9233*/VSD-79233 1967
Greenhill, Mitch Shepherd of the highways (w/Muldaur, Richmond) Prestige 7438* 1965
Guthrie, Woody Woody Guthrie, 1940-1946 : original recordings made by… Warner Brothers BS-2999 1977
Guthrie, Woody The greatest songs Of… (Baez, Houston, Elliott et al) Vanguard VSD-35/36 1972
Hardin, Tim This is Tim Hardin (demos) Atco S-33-210*/SD:33-210 1967
Hardin, Tim Tim Hardin 1 Verve Forecast FT-3004*/FTS-3004 1966
Hardin, Tim Tim Hardin 2 Verve Forecast FT-3022*/FTS-3022 1967
Hardin, Tim Tim Hardin 3 : live in concert Verve Forecast FTS-3049 1968
Hardin, Tim Suite for Susan Moore and Damion Columbia CS-9787 1970
Hardin, Tim Bird on a wire Columbia C30551 1970
Hardin, Tim Painted head Columbia KC-31764 1972
Hardin, Tim Nine Antilles 7023 1974
Hardin, Tim State of grace Columbia 37164 1981
Hardin, Tim Memorial album 1982
Havens, Richie Richie Haven's record Douglas SD-779 1965
Havens, Richie Electric Havens Douglas SD-780 1966
Havens, Richie Mixed bag Verve Forecast FT-3006*/FTS-3006 1966
Havens, Richie Something else again Verve FTS-3034 1968
Havens, Richie Richard D. Havens 1983 Verve FTS-3047 1969
Havens, Richie Stonehenge Stormy Forest SFS-6001 1970
Havens, Richie Alarm clock Stormy Forest SFS-6005 1971
Havens, Richie The great blind degree Stormy Forest SFS-6010 1971
Havens, Richie Live on stage Stormy Forest SFS-6012 1972
Havens, Richie Portfolio Stormy Forest SFS-6013 1973
Havens, Richie Mixed bag 2 Stormy Forest SFS-6201 1974
Havens, Richie The end of the beginning A&M SP-4598 1976
Havens, Richie Mirage A&M SP-4541 1977
Havens, Richie Connections Elektra EKS-242 1980
Henske, Judy Judy Henske Elektra EKL-231 1963
Henske, Judy High flying bird Elektra EKL-241 * 1963
Henske, Judy Little bit of sunshine… Little bit of rain Mercury MG-21010*
Hester, Carolyn Carolyn Hester Tradition TLP-1043* 1961
Hester, Carolyn This life I'm living Columbia CL-2032* 1963
Hester, Carolyn That's my song (prod. By Norman Petty) Dot DLP-3604*
Hester, Carolyn Carolyn Hester at Town Hall Two Dot DLP-3649*/DLP-25349 1965
Hester, Carolyn Carolyn Hester RCA APD1-0086 (Quad.) 1973
Hester, Carolyn Warriors of the rainbow Outpost Records OR-050586
Holy Modal Rounders Holy Modal Rounders Prestige 7451* 1964
Holy Modal Rounders Holy Modal Rounders 2 Prestige 7410* 1965
Houston, Cisco Passing through Verve Forecast FVS-9002
Ian & Sylvia Ian & Sylvia Vanguard VRS-9109* 1962
Ian & Sylvia Four strong winds Vanguard VSD-2149 1962
Ian & Sylvia Northern journey Vanguard VSD-79154 1963
Ian & Sylvia Early morning rain (w/ Russ Savakus) Vanguard VSD-79175 1965
Ian & Sylvia Play one more Vanguard VRS-9215* 1966
Ian & Sylvia Lovin' sound MGM E-4388*
Ian & Sylvia w/ Great Speckled Bird Ian & Sylvia w/ Great Speckled Bird Ampex (Bearsville) A10103 1969
Inman and Ira Singing spokesmen for the New Generation (w/ B. Langhorne) Mercury MG-20778*
Ives, Burl Songs of the West Decca DL 4179*
Jim & Jean Changes (notes by Phil Ochs) Verve Folkways FT-3001*
Kathy & Carol Kathy & Carol Elektra EKS-7289 1965
Keith, Bill Something auld, something newgrass, something borrowed, something bluegrass Rounder 0084
Kingston Trio The Kingston Trio Capitol T996*
Kingston Trio From the Hungry I Capitol T1107
Kingston Trio At Large Capitol T1199*
Kingston Trio Here we go again Capitol T1258*
Kingston Trio Sold Out Capitol ST-1352
Kingston Trio The last month of the year Capitol T-1446*
Kingston Trio Goin' places Capitol T-1564*
Kingston Trio College concert (w/John Stewart) Capitol T-1658
Kingston Trio The best of the Kingston Trio Capitol T-1705*
Kingston Trio New frontier Capitol T-1809*
Kingston Trio Sunny side! Capitol ST-1935
Kingston Trio Time to think Capitol T-2011*
Kingston Trio The folk era (3 LP set) Capitol STCL-2180
Kingston Trio Stay Awhile Decca DL-4656* 1965
Koerner, Ray & Glover Blues, rags and hollers Elektra EKL-240* 1963
Koerner, Ray & Glover Lots more blues, rags and hollers Elektra EKS-7267 1963
Koerner, Ray & Glover The Return of Koerner, Ray & Glover Elektra EKL-305* 1965
Koerner, Spider John & Willie Murphy Running jumping standing still Elektra EKS-74041 1967
Koerner, Spider John Music is just a bunch of notes Sweet Jane SJL-5872 1972
Koerner, Spider John Nobody knows the trouble I've been Red House RHR-12 1986
Kweskin, Jim (w/ Jug Band) Unblushing brassiness Vanguard VRS-9139/VSD-2158 1963
Kweskin, Jim (w/ Jug Band) Jug band music Vanguard VRS-9163*/VSD-79163 1965
Kweskin, Jim Relax your mind Vanguard VRS-9188*/VSD-79188 1966
Kweskin, Jim (w/Jug Band) See reverse side for title Vanguard VRS-9234*/VSD-79234 1966
Kweskin, Jim Jump for joy (w/ Neo-Passe Jazz Band) Vanguard VRS-9243*/VSD-79243 1967
Kweskin, Jim (w/Jug Band) Garden of joy Reprise R-6266*/RS-6266 1967
Kweskin, Jim Whatever happened to those good old days Vanguard VSD-79278 1968
LaFarge, Peter Sings Women blues Verve Folkways FV-9004
Leadbelly Leadbelly Archive of Folk Music FS-202
Leadbelly Huddie Ledbetter's best : his guitar, his voice, his piano Capitol T-1821*
Leadbelly The immortal Leadbelly Mount Vernon Music MVM 141
Leadbelly Leadbelly : includes legendary performances never before released Columbia C-30035*
Lightfoot, Gordon The best of Gordon Lightfoot United Artists UAS-6754
Lightfoot, Gordon Sit down young stranger Reprise 6392 1970
Lockmiller, Richard & Jim Connor Folk songs & country sounds (Notes by Dick Fariña) Capitol T*/ST-2058* 1964
Lockmiller, Richard & Jim Connor Two boys From Alabama Capitol T*/ST-2287 1965
MacColl, Ewan Blow boys blow Tradition TLP-1026*
McGhee, Brownie Brownie's blues Prestige Bluesville OBC-505*
McCurdy, Ed The best of dalliance Elektra EKL-213 1961
McCurdy, Ed Songs of a bold balladeer Riverside 12-828 1958
MacKinnon, Raun American folk songs Parkway P-7024*
MacKinnon, Raun Raun is her name! Kapp KS-3556
Makeba, Miriam The many voices of Miriam Makeba Kapp KL-1274*
Muldaur,Geoff Sleepy man blues Prestige Folklore 14004 1963
Muldaur,Geoff Geoff Muldaur is having a wonderful time Reprise MS-2220 1975
Muldaur,Geoff Motion Reprise MS-2255 1976
Muldaur,Geoff W/ Amos Garrett Flying Fish 061 1978
Muldaur,Geoff Blues boy Flying Fish FF-201 1979
Muldaur,Geoff I ain't drunk (w/ the Nite Lites) Hannibal HNBL-1304 1980
Muldaur, Geoff & Maria Pottery Pie Reprise MS-6350
Muldaur, Geoff & Maria Sweet potatoes (cover by Eric Von Schmidt) Reprise MS-2073
Muldaur, Maria Maria Muldaur Reprise MS-2148 1973
Muldaur, Maria Waitress in a donut shop Reprise MS-2194 1974
Muldaur, Maria Southern winds Warners BSK-3162 1978
Muldaur, Maria Live in London Stony Plain SPL-1099 1985
Neil, Fred Hootenanny live at the Bitter End (compilation) FM FM-309* 1964
Neil, Fred World of folk music (compilation) FM FM-319* 1964
Neil, Fred w/ Vince Martin Tear down the walls Elektra EKL-293*/EKS-7248 1964
Neil, Fred Bleecker & MacDougal Elektra EKL-293*/EKS-7293 1965
Neil, Fred The dolphins Capitol T2665 *(promo) 1966
Neil, Fred Everybody's talkin' (reissue: Dolphins) Capitol ST-294
Neil, Fred Sessions Capitol ST-2862 1971
Neil, Fred Other side of this life Capitol ST-657 1971
New Lost City Ramblers New Lost City Ramblers, Vol. 2 Folkways FA-2397* 1960
New Lost City Ramblers Rural delivery no. 1 Verve Folkways FVS-9003
New Lost City Ramblers Remembrance of things to come Verve Folkways FT-3018* 1966
New Lost City Ramblers New Lost City Ramblers with Cousin Emmy Folkways FTS-31015 1968
New Wine Singers The New Wave (Songs of Dylan, Ochs, Paxton…) Village Gate Records 2003S
New Wine Singers At the Chicago Opera House (w/ Spanky McFarlane) VJ VJS-1071 1963
Niles, John Jacob Folk balladeer (RCA Vintage series) RCA Victor LPV-513 1965
Ochs, Phil All the news that's fit to sing (w/Danny Kalb) Elektra ELK-269*/EKS-7269 1963
Ochs, Phil I ain't marching any more Elektra EKL-287*/EKS-7287 1964
Ochs, Phil In concert Elektra EKS-7310 1966
Ochs, Phil Pleasures of the harbor A&M SP-4133 1967
Ochs, Phil Tape from California A&M SP-4148 1968
Ochs, Phil Greatest hits A&M SP-4253 1969
Ochs, Phil Chords of fame (notes by Ed Sanders) A&M SP-4599 1976
Ochs, Phil A Toast to those who are gone Rhino Records RNLP-70080 1986
Olatunji Drums of Passion Columbia CS-8210
Olatunji Afro Percussion Columbia CL-1634*
Orange Blossom Jug Five Skiffle in stereo (w/ Van Ronk, Sam Charters) Lyrichord LLST-773
Original Trinidad Steel Band Original Trinidad Steel Band Elektra EKL-139*/EKS-7139 195?
Paxton, Tom Ramblin' boy Elektra EKL-277*/EKS-7277 1964
Paxton, Tom Ain't that news! Elektra EKL-298*/EKS-7298 1965
Paxton, Tom Outward bound Elektra EKL-317*/EKS-7317 1966
Paxton, Tom Up & up Mountain Railroad Records 1979
Paxton, Tom The Paxton report Mountain Railroad Records MR-52796 1980
Pennywhistlers Folksongs of Eastern Europe Nonesuch H-2007*/H-72007 1965
Peter, Paul & Mary Peter, Paul & Mary Warner Brothers W*/WS-1449 1962
Peter, Paul & Mary Moving Warner Brothers W*/WS-1473 1962
Peter, Paul & Mary In the wind Warner Brothers W*/WS-1507 1963
Peter, Paul & Mary In concert Warner Brothers W*/WS-1555 1964
Peter, Paul & Mary A song will rise Warner Brothers W*/ WS-1589 1965
Peter, Paul & Mary See what tomorrow brings Warner Brothers W*/WS-1615 1965
Peter, Paul & Mary Album Warner Brothers W/WS-1648 1966
Peter, Paul & Mary Album 1700 Warner Brothers W*/WS-1700 1966
Peter, Paul & Mary Late again Warner Brothers WS-1751 1967
Peter, Paul & Mary 10 years together Warner Brothers BSK-3105 1970
Peter, Paul & Mary Such is love Peter, Paul & Mary Co. 830331 1983
Peter, Paul & Mary A holiday celebration Gold Castle 171-016-1 1988
(Peter Yarrow) Peter Warner Brothers K-46150 1972
(Peter Yarrow) Hard times Warner Brothers BS-2860 1975
(Peter Yarrow) Love songs Warner Brothers BS-2891 1975
(Paul Stookey) Paul and Warner Brothers WS-1912 1971
(Noel Paul Stookey) Band & body works Neworld NWS-021379 1975
(Noel Paul Stookey) Wait'll you hear this Newpax Records NP33120 1982
(Mary Travers) Mary Warner Brothers WS-1907 1971
(Mary Travers) Morning glory Warner Brothers BS-2609 1972
(Mary Travers) All my choices Warner Brothers BS-2677 1973
(Mary Travers) It's in everyone of us Chrysalis CHR-1168 1978
Raitt, Bonnie Bonnie Raitt (prod. by Fritz Richmond) Warner Brothers WS-1953 1971
Raitt, Bonnie Give it up Warner Brothers BS-2643 1972
Raitt, Bonnie Streetlights Warner Brothers BS-2818 1974
Raitt, Bonnie Home plate Warner Brothers BS-2864 1975
Raitt, Bonnie Sweet forgiveness Warner Brothers BS-2990 1977
Raitt, Bonnie The glow Warner Brothers HS-3369 1979
Raitt, Bonnie Green light Warner Brothers BSK-3630 1982
Raitt, Bonnie Nine lives Warner Brothers 1-25486 1986
Ray, Dave Fine soft land Elektra EKL-319*/EKS-7319 1967
Ritchie, Edna Viper, Kentucky Folk-Legacy Records FSA-3 1962
Ritchie, Jean Jean Ritchie Elektra EKL-125* 1957
Ritchie, Jean British traditional ballads in the Southern mountains, v. 1 Folkways FA-2301 1961
Ritchie, Jean British traditional ballads in the Southern mountains, v. 2 Folkways FA-2302 1961
Ritchie, Jean The best of Jean Ritchie Prestige International 13003
Rosmini, Dick Adventures for 12 string, 6 string and banjo Elektra EKL-245* 1964
Rosmini, Dick A genuine Rosmini Imperial LP-12440
Rowan Brothers Rowan Brothers (promo) Columbia KC-31297 1972
Rowans The Rowans (promo) Asylum 7E-1038 1975
Rowans Sibling Rivalry (promo) Asylum 7E-1073 1976
Rowans Jubilation (promo) Asylum 7E-1114 1977
Rowan, Peter Peter Rowan Flying Fish 071 1978
Rowan, Peter The walls of time Sugar Hill SH-3722 1982
Rowan, Peter With the Red Hot Pickers Sugar Hill SH-3733 1984
Rowan, Peter The first whippoorwill Sugar Hill SH-3749 1985
Rowan, Peter & The Nashville Bluegrass Band New moon rising Sugar Hill SH-3762 1988
Rush, Tom Got a mind to ramble (reissue of Lycorniu) Prestige PR-7536 1963
Rush, Tom Blues, songs, ballads Prestige PR-7374 1964
Rush, Tom Tom Rush (reissue-1st/2nd Prestige) Fantasy 24709
Rush, Tom Tom Rush Elektra EKL-288*/EKS-7288 1965
Rush, Tom Take a little walk with me Elektra EKL-308*/EKS-7308 1966
Rush, Tom Wrong end of the rainbow Columbia C-30402 1970
Rush, Tom Merrimac County Columbia C31306 1972
Rush, Tom New Year : live at Symphony Hall Night Light Recordings HS-28011 1982
Sainte-Marie, Buffy It's my way! Vanguard VRS-9142*/VSD-79142 1964
Sainte-Marie, Buffy Many A Mile Vanguard VRS-9171*/ VSD-79171 1965
Sainte-Marie, Buffy Little wheel spin and spin (w/B. Langhorne, Russ Savakus) Vanguard VRS-9211*/VSD-79211 1966
Sainte-Marie, Buffy Fire & fleet & candlelight Vanguard VRS-9250*/VSD-79250 1967
Sainte-Marie, Buffy Illuminations Vanguard VSD-79300
Sainte-Marie, Buffy Moonshot Vanguard VSD-79312 1972
Sainte-Marie, Buffy The Best of Buffy Sainte-Marie, v. 2 Vanguard VSD-33/34
Sainte-Marie, Buffy Quiet places Vanguard VSD-79330 1973
Sainte-Marie, Buffy Buffy MCA MCA-405 1974
Sainte-Marie, Buffy Sweet America ABC Records ABCD-929 1976
Sanders, Ed Sanders Truckstop Reprise 6374
Seeger, Mike Mike Seeger Vanguard VRS-9150*/VSD-79150 1964
Seeger, Mike Music from True Vine Mercury SRM 1-627 1972
Seeger, Mike The Second Annual Farewell Reunion Mercury SRM 1-685 1973
Seeger, Pete Birds, beasts, bugs & little fishes Folkways FCS-7610 1955
Seeger, Pete Broadside ballads 2 Broadside BR 202* 1963
Seeger, Pete Gazette Folkways FN-2501* 1958
Seeger, Pete Talking union (w/ Almanac Singers) Folkways FH-5285* 1955
Seeger, Pete Story songs Columbia CL-1668* 1961
Seeger, Pete We shall overcome Columbia CL-2101* 1963
Seeger, Pete Dangerous songs!? Columbia CS-9303/CL-2503
Serrano, Juan Ole, La Mano! Elektra EKS-7227 1963
Shannon, Marti You were on my mind (incl. "Hard Lovin' Loser") RCA LP*/LSP-3633 1966
Simon & Garfunkel Wednesday morning, 3AM Columbia CL-2249*/CS-9049 1964
Simon & Garfunkel Sounds of silence Columbia CL-2469*/CS-9269 1965
Simon & Garfunkel Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme Columbia CL-2563*/CS-9363 1966
Simon & Garfunkel Bookends Columbia KCS-9529 1968
Simon & Garfunkel Bridge over troubled water Columbia KCS-9914
Sky, Patrick Patrick Sky Vanguard VRS-9179*/VSD-79179 1965
Sky, Patrick Harvest of gentle clang Vanguard VSD-79207 1966
Sky, Patrick Reality is bad enough Verve Forecast FTS-3052
Sky, Patrick Photographs Verve Forecast FTS-3079 1969
Sky, Patrick Songs that made America famous Adelphi Records AD-R4101 1973
Sky, Patrick Two steps forward, one step back Leviathan 2006 1975
Sky, Patrick Through a window Shanachie 95003 1985
Sorrels, Rosalie Idaho & Utah Folkways 5343 1961
Sorrels, Rosalie Always a lady Philo 1029 1976
Spoelstra, Mark Songs Folkways FA-2449* 1964
Mark Spoelstra Mark Spoelstra Folkways 3572* 1964
Mark Spoelstra Five & twenty questions (notes: Fariña) Elektra EKL-283*/EKS-7283 1965
Mark Spoelstra State of mind Elektra EKL-307*/EKS-7307 1966
Mark Spoelstra This house Fantasy 8412
Stanley, Dayle After the snow Squire SSQ-33006
Stampfel & Weber Going nowhere fast Rounder 3051 1981
Sykes, Paul Candy man : the songs and wit of Paul Sykes Warner Brothers W/WS-1583* 1965
Terry, Sonny Get together Verve Folkways FVS-9010
Traum, Happy & Artie Happy & Artie Traum Capitol ST-586
Traum, Happy & Artie Double-back Capitol ST-799
Traum, Happy & Artie Hard times in the country Rounder 3007 1975
Van Ronk, Dave Folksinger Prestige PR-7527
Van Ronk, Dave Inside Prestige PR-7716 1964
Van Ronk, Dave Sings the blues Verve Folkways FVS-9006
Van Ronk, Dave Van Ronk Polydor 24-4052
von Schmidt, Eric Rolf Cahn & Eric von Schmidt Folkways FA-2417 1961
von Schmidt, Eric Pathways of sound, v. 1 (cover by von Schmidt) Lauren Bacall reads The 13 Clocks
von Schmidt, Eric The folk blues of Eric von Schmidt Prestige Folklore 14005 1963
von Schmidt, Eric Eric sings von Schmidt (notes by Richard Fariña) Prestige PR-7384 1964
von Schmidt, Eric Who knocked the brains out of the sky? Smash SRS-67124 1969
von Schmidt, Eric 2nd right, 3rd row Poppy PYS-5705 1972
von Schmidt, Eric and the Cruel Family Eric von Schmidt and the Cruel Family Philo PH-1052 1977
Ward, Clara and Her Gospel Singers At the Village Gate Vanguard VSD-2151 1964
Washington, Jackie Jackie Washington, Vol. 2 Vanguard VRS-9141* 1963
Watson, Doc Doc Watson Vanguard VSD-79152 1964
Watson, Doc Southbound Vanguard VSD-79213 1966
Weavers The Weavers at home Vanguard VRS-9024*
West, Hedy Accompanying herself on the 5 String Banjo Vanguard VRS-9124 1963
West, Hedy Old times and hard times" Folk-Legacy FSA-32 1967
White, Josh The house I live in Elektra EKS-7203 1961
White, Josh Empty bed blues Elektra EKS-7211 1962
Womenfolk Never underestimate the power of the Womenfolk RCA LPM-2919* 1964
Young, Jesse Colin The soul of a city boy (reissue of T-2070) Capitol ST-11267 1974

* represents monaural recording.

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