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Annotated Discography

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Vanguard Two-Fers

Launched in the late 60s, originally, this was a budget-priced ($5.98) series of double disk "best-of" recordings in gatefold sleeves, instantly enlarged to include several originals and spoken word recordings from their backlist. The design was Vanguard's rote Colonel Parker marketing ("Give 'em a picture of the boy and his name") file-shot/name formula which nonetheless gave Vanguard a distinct look. There was generally no text inside, the center fold being a collection of small photos or a large one - generally blurry.

In the case of the Fariñas, theirs was released in 1971 as VSD 21/22. It was a straight reissue of the first two albums with all 26 songs accounted for. Not so on the CD reissued in 1988 (VCD-21/22), which had 20 songs (lopping off 6 instrumentals), although the earlier cassette (1982, CVSD-21/22) had both albums intact.

This Two-Fer featured  a Daniel Kramer photo from the spring of 1965 Kingston, New York session that yielded the cover for their second album, Reflections in a Crystal Wind, this time with Dick wearing a striped tank-top (which may be the one that appears in numerous other photos, including one with Mimi from Paris two years earlier), while Mimi wears the same patterned blue dress. In a flash of creative originality, this time Vanguard flipped the shot so Dick is on the left inside the frame and Mimi on the right, making it look similar enough to Reflections to ring a bell in the consumers' minds, but not making it similar enough to give anyone second thoughts that both albums were one and the same. They've also reverted to the original "Mimi & Richard" name arrangement on the front, while listing  Dick's altered "Richard and Mimi Fariña" on the spine. The inside's 17 previously unpublished photos by Kenneth Van Sickel all appear to be from or mostly from, the same Central Park shoot as his Celebrations for a Grey Day cover.

Vanguard Two-fers - the First 80

VSD 1/2 The Best of Chicago Blues
VSD 3/4 The Best of Buffy Ste. Marie
VSD 5/6 Ian and Sylvia's Greatest Hits
VSD 7/8 The Best of Eric Andersen
VSD 9/10 Doc Watson on Stage
VSD 11/12 The Best of John Hammond
VSD 13/14 Jim Kweskin & the Jug Band / Greatest Hits!
VSD 15/16 The Weavers' Greatest Hits
VSD 17/18 The Greatest Folksingers of the Sixties
VSD 19/20 The Best of Mississippi John Hurt
VSD 21/22 The Best of Mimi & Richard Fariña (re: VSD-79174 and VSD-79204)
VSD 23/24 Ian and Sylvia / Greatest Hits, Vol. 2
VSD 25/26 The Great Blues Men
VSD 27/28 The Life and Times of Country Joe and the Fish: from Haight Ashbury to Woodstock
VSD 29/30 Great College Football Marches / University of Michigan Band
VSD 31/32 Tales of terror Narrated by Nelson Olmsted
VSD 33/34
VSD 35/36 The Greatest Songs of Woody Guthrie (various artists) (Incorrectly catalogued by Vanguard as VSD-33/34)
VSD 37/38 Manitas de Plata
VSD 39/40 Max Morath / The Best of Scott Joplin & Rag Classics
VSD 41/42 Joan Baez - Ballad Book
VSD 43/44 The Essential Odetta (reissue of VRS-9103, At Town Hall, and VSD-2072, At Carnegie Hall)
VSD 45/46 The Essential Doc Watson
VSD 47/48 From Spirituals to Swing / Carnegie Hall Concerts, 1938/39
VSD 49/50 Joan Baez - Contemporary Song Book
VSD 51/52 The Best of Karmon Israeli
VSD 53/54 The Clancy Brothers' Greatest Hits
VSD 55/56 The Essential John Fahey
VSD 57/58 The Essential Paul Robeson
VSD 59/60 The Essential Sandy Bull
VSD 61/62 George Feyer Plays the Essential George Gershwin
VSD 63/64 Yves Montand and his last "One Man Show"
VSD 65/66 The Essential Jimmy Rushing
VSD 67/68 Ivan Rebroff Sings 25 Greatest Russian Melodies
VSD 69/70 New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra
VSD 71/72 The Essential Perrey/Kingsley
VSD 73/74 The Best of the Babysitters
VSD 75/76 The Essential Larry Coryell
VSD 77/78 The Great Bluesmen - Newport
VSD 79/80 The Joan Baez Lovesong Album

The Greatest Folksingers of the Sixties, VSD-17/18   The Greatest Songs of Woody Guthrie, VSD-35/36   The Best of Mimi & Richard Fariña, VSD-21/22

Last modified: 21 July 2002