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Welcome to The Fariña Files web site. Vanguard VRS-35030: Reno NevadaVanguard VRS-35032: Pack up your sorrows This is a non-profit repository of reference materials and ephemera on the lives and careers of Richard and Mimi Fariña, the folk revival, and the Cambridge, Massachusetts folk scene of the 1960s; who they were, what they did and occasionally where they went.

The site is ongoing. But who isn't?

Time Line | Cast of characters | This one's for Mimi | Newport Folk Festival 1965 | Photos and Sources | Annotated Discography | The Books (and film): a guide | Books: related forthcoming | Favorite Links | Contact Me

Time Line: A dated chronology of fixed points in the careers of the Fariñas
Cast of characters: A biographical listing of those involved with the Fariñas and/or the folk scene of the '60s
The Books - a guide: Collectors' points and iconography on books by and about the Fariñas
Newport Folk Festival, 1965: A brief history of the festival, its organization and whys and wherefores; then we follow the Fariñas through four days in 1965
Annotated Discography:
Dick & Mimi's LPs
Vanguard's singles 1960 to 1970
TwoFers: the first 50 in Vanguard
Vanguard labels: a chronology of changes in color & design
Discography of Vanguard's folk and rock LPs released between 1960 and 1969, including all confirmed mono releases and release dates
Discography of Elektra's folk, world music, and rock LPs released between 1960 and 1969
Books: related and forthcoming : An accounting of forthcoming books

This one is for Jean and Chas Pennell
All thanks to Lucy
Special mention to Duncan Emrich.

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And while in the neighborhood, please look in on Doug Cooke's Mimi & Richard Fariña Website.

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