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Books : Related Forthcoming

A listing of books related to this site, even if vaguely, recently released or due to be released shortly. As a one-time bookseller, I heard frequent complaints by both readers and publishers that music books didn't sell ("we don't carry them because they don't sell." "They don't sell because you don't carry them!") It's just a daisy chain of abuse on both sides. Hopefully this will help people know about them and find them.

January 2003

    The Roots of Texas Music / ed. by Lawrence S. Clayton and Joe W. Specht. Texas A&M University Press, 1585442216 (cloth, $29.95). Traces the history of every type of ethnic music made in Texas in the 20th century.

December 2002

November 2002

October 2002

    Dylan, Bob. Chronicles : Volume 1. Simon & Schuster, 0743228154 (cloth, $24.00) Volume one of a planned three volume set of Dylan's autobiography. Originally announced as being over 1000 pages, this accounting is allegedly about the 60s, or at least the parts he wants to remember, hence the page count has dropped considerably, down to about 256 pages. Volume 2 is tentatively planned for 2004.

    Note: Delayed again, this time into early next year sometime. It must be harder to remember than he first thought.

    Dylan, Bob. Lyrics : 1962 - 2002. Simon & Schuster, 0743228278 (cloth, $45.00) . A revision over the last printing done by another publisher, this time including all the lyrics written since 1985.

    Note : MIA - The publisher also announced (and promptly postponed until the autobiography was done) a hardcover reprinting of Dylan's Tarantula when the autobiography was originally announced as planned. It did not reappear.

    Pinch, Trevor. Analog days : the invention and impact of the moog synthesizer. Harvard University Press, (0674008898, cloth, $29.95). A history of the Moog from it's first appearances in the '60s to wide use in the '70s. Listed here for all you people who word-searched Perrey-Kingsley.

September 2002

    Cohen, Ronald D. Rainbow Quest : The folk music revival and American society, 1940-1970. University of Massachusetts Pr., 1558493468 (cloth, $70); 1558493484 (paper, $24.95)

August 2002

July 2002

    Green, Douglas B. Singing in the saddle : the history of the singing cowboy. Vanderbilt University Press, ( 082651412X, $34.95), 384 pages, 149 illustrations. Ranger Doug writes a massive hymn to his life's soul and inspiration.

    Zwonitzer, Mark. Will you miss me when I'm gone? : The Carter Family and their legacy in American music. Simon & Schuster, (0684857634, cloth, $25)

June 2002

    Beisswenger, Drew. Fiddling way out yonder : the life and music of Melvin Wine. University Press of Mississippi, (1578064414, cloth, $40), 248 pages - 92 years of playing music in Braxton County, West Virginia.

    Unterberger, Richie. Turn! Turn! Turn! : the '60s folk-rock revolution. Backbeat Books (dist. by Publisher's Group West), 087930703X (paper, $19.95), 320 pages. "Based on over 100 interviews with Roger McGuinn, Donovan, Judy Collins, John Sebastian, Arlo Guthrie, and others."

May 2002

    Gordon, Robert. Can't be satisfied : the life and times of Muddy Waters. Little, Brown , 0316328499 (cloth, $25.95), 320 pages - Long overdue bio of the man; Includes an intro. by Keith Richards. Allegedly, the publisher also produced a 22-track promo-only CD, including rarities (like his Dr. Pepper commercial).

    McNutt, Randy. Guitar towns : a journey to the crossroads of rock'n'roll. Indiana University Press, (0253340586, cloth, $28.95), 240 pages, 52 b&w photos - McNutt travels to all the legendary blues, folk and rock spots in the US and talks to as many music people as he can about the music and the people and the places we should remember.

April 2002

    Anderson-Green, Paula Hathaway. A hot-bed of musicians : traditional music in the Upper New River Valley-Whitetop region. University of Tennessee Press, 1572331801 (cloth, $28), 157233181X (paper, $14), 272 pages - the story of the players of old-time music on the Virginia/North Carolina border, 1920s-1950s.

    Bacon, Tony. 50 years of the Gibson Les Paul : half a century of the greatest electric guitars. Backbeat Books (dist. by Publishers Group West), 0879307110 (paper, $22.95), 144 pages, 200 color photos. "Includes meticulous listings documenting every model produced since 1952".

    Dicaire, David. More blues singers : biographies of 50 artists from the later 20th century. McFarland, 0786410353 (paper, $29.95) : discographies and biographies.

    Hajdu, David. Positively 4th street : the lives and times of Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Mimi Baez Fariņa, and Richard Fariņa. Farrar, Strauss & Giroux, 086547642X (paper, $14.00).

    San Miguel, Guadalupe. Tejano proud : Tex-Mex music in the twentieth century. Texas A&M Univ. Pr. 1585441597 (cloth, $34.95), 1585441880 (paper, $17.95). A history of musica tejana in the last century, though I'll assume they won't get picky and ignore the last two years.

    Streissguth, Michael, ed. Ring of fire : the Johnny Cash reader. Da Capo Press (dist. by Perseus Books Group), 0306811227 (paper, $26) - 50 years of essays by Ralph Gleason, George Vecsey, Nick Tosches, Alanna Nash and a slew of others.

March 2002

    Malone, Bill C. Don't get above your raisin' : country music and the southern working class. University of Illinois Press , 0252026780 (cloth, $34.95), 432 pages. Hank Williams is on the cover and that's good enough for me.

January 2002

    MusicHound Blues : the essential album guide (updated). MusicHound Books (dist. by Omnibus/Music Sales), ISBN 0825672678 (paper, $26.95), due January.

    Clancy, Liam. The mountain of the woman. Doubleday, 0385502044, $24.95 , due mid-February (UK title: Memoirs of an Irish troubadour , Virgin Books, 1852779486, L18.99, April) The autobiography of the founder of the Clancy Brothers (with and without Tommy Makem).

Last modified: 21 September 2002