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Annotated Discography
Vanguard collectors' guide
Vanguard Singles, 1960-1970
Vanguard - selected discographies
Vanguard - 1960-1970
Vanguard Labels
Dick & Mimi's LPs - a guide
Dick & Mimi's LPs: Singer/Songwriter
Dick & Mimi's LPs : Reflections In a Crystal Wind
Elektra - selected discography
Elektra singles
Selected contemporary discography

This aims to please those wishing to place the Fariñas' recordings within their contemporary setting, including their works for Vanguard and Dick's solo outing for Elektra. It will also contain collectors' information on the various label mutations, mono and stereo releases, as well as any stray anecdotal information on the recordings themselves.

For complete recordings of Mimi & Richard Fariña, see

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